You know, members keep saying that the scouts are one of the best organizations, but there seem to be plenty of competing orgs from the traditional/Baden-Powell school as well as organizations like 4H that serve the same function with none of the discrimination. » 8/05/14 9:54pm 8/05/14 9:54pm

Which is a challenge given that the shoah convinced Israelis that there being no distinctively Jewish state (even if just de facto in the manner of Christianity in all of Europe and the Americas and most of Subsaharan Africa) is like being a frog enslaved as a ferrymen for scorpions. » 8/05/14 9:44pm 8/05/14 9:44pm

Another issue to consider is how much we want to break up neighborhoods and enclaves, as they allow minority groups to retain a unique culture that they can impart on their children and actually feel themselves to be the norm. Of course, this idea is hated by white Protestant ruling class because it disrupts its… » 5/16/14 5:16pm 5/16/14 5:16pm

That's marketing for you. When you start making people learn specialized terminology, it becomes a high involvement purchase rather than a price-dependent habitual purchase. Or maybe it raises differentiation. It's been six months since my professor used it as an example. This page given a nice rundown of the issue. » 5/16/14 4:32pm 5/16/14 4:32pm